Dear you, the grandiose potential. Dear you, the hidden extrovert, hiding behind a mask of strict regulation. Dear you, the unrealistic, resigned to put up with the idiocy of the times. Dear you. Yes! You, the passionate, whom nothing can stop when you defend what you believe in. Dear you, the unsatisfied, the one always slightly unhappy no matter what. Yes, dear you — oh you, dear… It was for you that we created JYKUUU. You. The free one.


JYKUUU. 2018

You, the misunderstood artist, the nightly enthusiast of literature. You, the reader, the dreamer, adept of such writers as Oscar Wilde, Rudyard Kipling or Charles Bukowski. You, the Dostoyevsky. The free one. You, the dear rookie writer, avid fiction reader, book-addict, librarian, or poet. You, the defender of a proper language, the friend of editors. You, the freethinker. You—yes, you are the one who inspires us.

And you! The book devotee, kindled by literature. The one who starts burning and seething whenever he bends over the press. The news watcher. You, the political junkie, who subscribed to every RSS flux. You, the avid reader of the next weekly release.  To you, here comes what should become your new encyclopedia. JYKUUU, made not of poems but of prose. Jykuuu, your burning literary magazine, designed, thought, written for you — and for you only.

I'm in!

More than 35.000

words per issue. Written in every style to answer your passion for novelty. Featuring literary chameleons and new writers.

10 pages of

fiction literature. In English and New English. In slang. Just how you talk.

23 Novels

from various writers. Some are anonymous. Some are future Jack Londons. Some are essayists, some are prose gods. All are enlightened — in their own way.

January 28, 2018> Design, Littérature française, Parution


March 28, 2018.



First issue of your all-new literary magazine. Inside: some renewed French literature with a first auteur novel. A stirring epic, an emerging adventure, the starter work of a to-be distinguished writer. Present as well: realistic materials, several pieces of anthology, and some outcasts that frightened touchy mainstream publishers. Take this offering, dear Shakespeare and Hemingway fan, for here comes this first and newest issue.
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Logo JYKUUU - Magazine literature


Give you what no one else will dare to give.


The Art of Bothering People

“You can’t overestimate the average imbecility.”

Here, at JYKUUU, you will find mistakes. Lots of them. Typos rule over quads and dashes. Here and there we forget entire words, eat whole letters like ramen noodles and let tense sequencing alone with itself. Our literary magazine was never meant to be an easy reading. We are artists, writers—not squirmy proofreaders. Grammar Nazis can go to Hell. Long live the Ultra Bold, italicized words and poetic typographies

Form and Content

To go further…

Your revered writers. Your all-time favourite books. Your own beautiful, so beautiful, prose. Your most favored magazine.Forget the usual weekly issue along with its usual writers. Forget about science and papers. Forget these oh-so-famous or esteemed writers—these gods of paper. Forget them all! JYKUUU is about building a legend. And we’ll write it all together. With you. Which means you, alone with JYKUUU. We’re giving you an opportunity to resonate, just like Dutch sailors did when they saw the American coast and with it a completely unknown world, full of shapes and colors no one had ever seen before.

A refreshing work

This geek and high-end magazine paves the way for a new literature. That is, for a contemporary, fresh and young adult-oriented written art. New novels are here. Those who believe in a sanctified, carefully approved literary world should better watch out. JYKUUU writers blow the old codes up.



“A dissenting magazine to be sure. A literary magazine, yes, but with a very critical outlook on literature. Many attempts to renew the written language have failed: here we get a teenage, almost surrealist version of a literary review. I graduated as a humanities student with emphasis on modern literature, and I didn’t feel out of place. Lots of the style was easy to recognize. Jack London, Charles Bukowski, William Faulkner, Jack Kerouac echoed all over the magazine. I saw… Lire plus “MAVERICK”



“As a librarian and a writer, I felt a bit jaded at first. However, as I was poring over the pages, the way they were written, the shrewd realism of the contents and even the very literary genre of this review got me over. Brimming with a lively imagination, JYKUUU manages to unite a journalistic and sarcastic tone with an untrimmed humor. For sure, this is a literary UFO. Those who enjoy cult works will find what they want here.… Lire plus “UFO”



“As the authors of the magazine say, it is geeky, literary and made with a sure sense of design. I would even say that JYKUUU is rather bent on design than on literature. The geek aspect expresses through a mystical side: hidden texts, weird symbols and codes on cover. Even in content, some texts are striking by how graphically designed they come across. Definitely a magazine like no other. I love it. Allow me, however, a slight criticism: the yellow… Lire plus “LITERARILY GEEK”



“I had no particular hope when I cracked this literary journal open. But, hey, just the very first page felt like taking a whack. The spelling errors here and there do not impede reading. What I’ve met with was a myriad of authors and stories. Stupefying! Now I just want to see if the magazine keeps making it through. As said another feedback: Un-identified Literary Object.”


“I use to be very critical towards Internet press, youth magazines who look like a bunch of tweets and fantasy works. Nonetheless, the “literary magazine” JYKUUU felt like a breath of fresh air. Two texts alone were enough to make me a fan: a journey to the end of blondness, where a wacky female protagonist brings the reader inside her own hermeneutic world; and an internal column, testament of a special correspondent, which makes it to the top of my… Lire plus “A FEMININE AND SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS MAGAZINE”



“As someone used to review books, from novels to prose and short stories, I can confidently tell that the new magazine JYKUUU relegates good ol’ literary reviews to the level of mere hipster’s web magazines. Ironically, I hate the so-called contemporary style, carelessness in spelling and digital literature. But even then, the JYKUUU design, reader, colors, and even its ample slew of authors made me fall in love with what looks like a mix of Sigmund Freud and Truman Capote.… Lire plus “BOOK REVIEWS”



“And here comes the JYKUUU philosophy! Well, I wouldn’t bet on them to get a Pulitzer Price J An explicit, long-winded literary magazine with a taste of Tom Wolfe, some unflinching realism, but no Harry Potter. I guess everyone can spot what she wants in texts. A hearty alternative to the redundant mainstream literature. I enjoyed it.”



“Without the shadow of a doubt, this magazine is a UFO. A digital and eclectic piece featuring all styles, all kinds of people and an ample collection stories. Pretty vivid too, brimming with shapes, colors and fonts. A modern and sophisticated abridgment of written art, made for geeks and literature fans with a non-conformist bent. In a word: excellent.”


“I was among the few literature lovers who received the issue before it was out. The least I can say: I was not disappointed. For sure, this magazine will not please everyone around. From the writers to the fonts, not to mention the forgotten words and voluntary misspelling, JYKUUU will blow your mind.”



“While reading JYKUUU, I could feel Hunter S. Thompson echoing through these otherwise original texts. Jack Kerouac and Brett Easton Ellis are also to be counted among the likely influences behind this issue. Lots of parodies and implied references. I had a crush for several texts that could be presented to literary awards. The very first text tells a great deal about the writers’ talents as well as their softly outlined erudition.”

Many Writers

“Teenage and a fan of literature? JYKUUU suits perfectly what you’re looking for. I absolutely loved this plethora of writers and novel makers. The inspired literary diversity here is stupefying. Their drafting committee must be, like, hectic. This magazine is full of English and French literature up to the level of a legend anthology. Crazy stuff!”