You stand at heart of our project. This is why we’re putting forward an exclusive, tailor-made service, designed and created for you.

Pay Per View

A new way to subscribe

At JYKUUU, we think of literary reviews as pieces of art. A good one must be unique and delicate. We love the original—no knickknacks or superfluous marketing in. What we are proposing to you today is a Pay Per View service. You decide on the price you’re paying for what you’re reading. Make no mistake: this may sound simple, but to us, this formula is a huge step. As you remain the focus of our attention, you are the one deciding what issue you want, how much you give, and what you get is an unlimited access to what you’ve bought. Your price is not bounded by any minimum fee—because we’re playing the game. What about you?


Custom Reader

Lifting your reading experience up to the best at every second.

Letting you rely on your usual PDF reader would not make sense. Our commitment to do things well led us to develop a custom-made 3D reader, designed for and tested exclusively with JYKUUU. We believe that you deserve a flawless reading experience. Our exclusive 3D reader allows you to join our unique adventure, at the heart of the literary cosmos.

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Because choice should never be a mere option.


100% Free

  • No Minimum Price
  • Non-Binding offer

  • Access to full content

  • Unlimied access

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • No Ads

  • I WANT IT !!!!!

Your Price

We believe that literature should be available to everyone. That the open source culture, the accessibility to content, should be practiced with a genuine care for fairness. Hence, we’re proposing to you a completely unrestricted access to your magazine. Your content, your review, your price.

No Minimum Fee

Launching a literary journal was a lenghty quest. Mind you, proposing you a free price choice as a fee took even more time. We still did it through the Pay Per View solution. The literary world of JYKUUU, reachable today, at no minimum cost. We believe in JYKUUU—and so will you.

Non-Binding Offer

But even the Pay Per View and the literary magazine should not turn into a forced choice. Are you craving for the 5th JYKUUU issue? Get it! Don’t feel like you want to read the 4th ? Let it aside. All designed for you. Couldn’t be simpler.

Complete Access

We are committed to this. No nasty surprise. When you’re buying, what you get is a complete, non-trimmed issue. No hidden, subscriber-only content. No paywall. Instead, one issue—one journal—one edition. You.

Unlimited Access

All too often, super offers do not last very long. Most interesting promotions are inciting you to buy through underhanded tactics. We, on the other hand, offer you a complete, untrimmed, unlimited access to what you buy. Tomorrow? Next year? In 10 years? You earned your access, and you’ll have it again. Always. This is JYKUUU.